About 9016

In 2001, company founder and principal Robin Johnson took his experience as a journalist and media editor, combined it with a flair for creative ideas, relationship building, attention to detail and infused it with his naturally open, down-to-earth manner.

The result was 9016, a professional communications business that is, as we like to say, subtly different. Run by hands-on, personable people who prefer graft to glory, from the beginning our sole focus has been on quality, clear communication. Over 16 years later, many clients have benefitted from our way of doing things.

In a world bombarded with information 24/7, we strongly believe in getting your message out as clearly as possible. We consciously avoid buzzwords and unnecessary jargon, telling people how great you are in plain, engaging language.

We work as a team with our clients - we listen, we contribute and will get involved with doing whatever needs doing to make a project a success. Of course we are formal when required, but also more than happy to muck in and get our hands dirty with the behind-the-scenes nitty-gritty.

To the outside world we work as transparently as possible… what’s important to prospective clients is your business, your products and/or services and your success.

Please see our Services page for more information on how 9016 can help you to show the world how great you are!

Robin Johnson -

9016 founder and principal.