Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by ‘Subtly Different’?

To many people, PR can have a reputation for being self-important and, well, a bit up itself. At 9016 we know how important the corporate ‘suited and booted’ approach is, but many smaller companies don’t want to deal with a shiny suit and a fistful of buzzwords. They want honest, down-to-earth dealings with proactive people who contribute enthusiastically to the behind-the-scenes graft, not just want to ride the crest of visible success.

At 9016 we’re motivated by graft, not glory.

Why don’t you have a social media presence?

We appreciate the importance that many businesses place on social media. However, it’s now so over-used that the marketing value is increasingly being lost. Few people have the time needed to read more than a fraction of what they receive on social media, meaning a great deal of output is potentially wasted. At 9016 we are happy to work with clients on their social media, but we believe that it should only be one strand of a communications strategy.

After so long in the business, can you give three simple pieces of advice about communication and marketing?

1. Request a second pair of eyes on everything.

2. Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you must.

3. Nobody is right all the time. Not even the boss!

What happens if we need a creative service that 9016 doesn’t offer?

We work closely with a range of other creatives and, if we don’t do something, we can usually recommend someone who can.

Why is the business called 9016?

Get to know us and we’ll tell you…!

Any other questions ?

If there is any other question that you would like answered, please let us know. We will add the more frequently asked ones to this page.